Collecting Rent

There are several  ways in which landlords can obtain their rent every month.   The advent of the internet and online banking have produced numerous options.   This can be EXTREMLY beneficial to any landlord who owns property in one state but lives in another.  Having a billing company that can handle all the invoicing for you can be very handy.  Especially for landlords who do not use property manger’s or property management companies to handle this.  Invoicing companies are now safe and secure for everyone to use.

Some of the benefits:

  1.  Invoice Customers Online:
  2. Get Paid Fast
  3. Built for landlords and businesses
  4. No more writing, mailing, or delivering rent checks.
  5. Peace of mind knowing payments are going through safe and secure
  6. Allow tenants to pay with debit and credit cards

Some different companies that offer this:

  1.  For each rent payment transaction, there is a fee of $2.00.
  2.  There is a 5.95 fee for each complete rent payment.
  3.  There is no listed price on their site.  However when you call they say there is a 5 dollar assessment fee.
  4.  Has many different payment options.  Look under the products tab to get a list.

As an added bonus, most of these companies have phone applications that will allow your tenants to pay from anywhere.  No matter what you choose to do the most important thing is protecting you and your business.  For the minor fee they charge you get a lot of peace of mind.

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