Landlord Tenant Communication

Remember those fights with your parents or siblings when you were younger?  Well believe it or not, these types of back and forth fights are easy to come by. Especially as a landlord.  You will be surprised by the type of ‘conversations’ you can manage to get yourself into with a tenant. Keeping the Tenant Landlord lines of communication open are essential to good business relations.  There are many factors that you want to consider when addressing your tenants.  It is important to remember that what your tenants are doing and thinking is very important.  Without this knowledge, chaos can ensue.  Some of the more note worthy steps you will want to take are.

  1. Contact: Ensure an easy way for your tenants to get a hold of you.  Whether it’s through an email you check daily or a cell phone you have on you at all times.  Making sure your tenants know how to contact you is very important.
  2. Honesty:  Never be afraid to be open with your tenants, and let them know they should always be open with you.  If for some reason this does not happen, the lines of communication can break down and create serious problems.  Remember the truth is something you want.
  3. Respect:  Always treat your tenants with the respect you would want to be treated with.  Listen to what they have to say.  Make sure you are both clear about any and all subject matters that pertain to your landlord tenant relationship.
  4. Record:  Record all communications with your tenant.  This is something that can be tricky to accomplish, but keeping a notebook or Smartphone is a great way to handle this.
  5. Presumptions:  Do not make it a habit to assume things.  This is the biggest way communication will break down.  Make sure to get first hand information and always ask the hard questions.

Listening is a key element to good communication skills.  This is your property and you are the landlord, but making sure you and your tenant’s voice is heard will do nothing but improve your relationship. Having a happy tenant will save you money in the long run.



Brandon C Varn


Accurate Credit Bureau



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