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Region in Top 10 for International Home Buyers

You know I actually liked this article quit a bit. I am always interested in reading about the different area’s that are offering great buys, a good economy, and a foreign influx. Thanks for the article.

Immigration Sarasota

The “Sarasota Herald-Tribune” has reported that Sarasota county is No. 4 in the country for foreign home-buyers.   In fact, five of the top ten regions for foreign home buyers are in Florida.  They include, “Lakeland-Winter Haven, Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Orlando and Miami-Fort Lauderdale. Tampa-St. Petersburg came in at No. 9.”  In Sarasota County 6.5% of homes are bought by someone from overseas.

Here are some figures:

6.7 percent of buyers were foreign in Sarasota County from May 2011 to January 2012, while 6.1 percent were from another country in Manatee County.

13.1 percent of new homes sold in Sarasota were to foreign buyers while 12.3 percent of existing condominium sales in Manatee changed hands to international buyers.

Most intriguing is this:

The percentage of buyers who pay in cash is even higher than domestic buyers, who in 65 percent of transactions handled by Michael Saunders made their purchase…

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DIY – Do it Yourself – Steel Door

Whenever I sit down and watch “Flip this house” on A&E or “Yard Crashers” on the DIY network I always feel the need to do something productive to my house.  It is probably a better idea for you to improve your rental first.  Upgrading your rental means more money in your pocket every month as the additions will allow you to charge more.  And the cool thing about it is you can do some of these upgrades cheaply and easily.  One of the first things you will want to think about upgrading is actually an easy one… your rentals front door!

What you want to do is replace your front door with a steel entry door.  There are some real benefits to doing this. Firstly, you can get a steel door cheaper than any other type of door (e.g. a fiberglass door).  A new front door will allow first impressions to be ones of excitement and will improve your overall ‘curb appeal.’  Almost all steel doors come with magnetic weather stripping allowing the door to seal itself better than other doors.  And lastly, it is an energy saver for your prospective tenants as well.

Sitting down and thinking out some great DIY (do it yourself) projects can be fun, beneficial, and economical.  And it’s as easy as installing a new door.


Brandon C Varn

President Accurate Credit Bureau

Comprehensive Criminal Background Screening

Do you know what is on your criminal report? Accurate Credit Bureau offers comprehensive, nationwide criminal screening at an affordable price. No sign up is necessary. Order your report today and find out if there are any outstanding issues on your record. Results are returned to you via email within minutes. Here are a few other reasons to order a Comprehensive Criminal Background from Accurate:

1. Prospective Employers- Bring a copy of your criminal background check alongside your resume when attending job interviews. This will help to demonstrate your preparedness and set you apart from other applicants. If there is an outstanding record, this tactic will help to demonstrate honesty and give you a chance to explain any potential issues upfront, rather than the employer finding out at a later date.

2. Business partners/ventures- Criminal Records are public records, meaning that you can obtain a criminal background check on individuals without their prior written consent. This can be useful when collaborating on a new business venture, or when contemplating new business partners. Obtaining a Criminal background check through Accurate Credit Bureau will help to alleviate some concerns you may have, or alternatively help you decide if the partnership would be too much of a risk. Our background reports will show any prior criminal records such as DUI/DWI, worthless checks, sexual offenses, and much more.

3. Prospective Employees- Doing a criminal background check on prospective employees is highly recommended. This can help to determine which applicant’s may be best suited for the position. For example, if you are hiring for a position which involves driving, you may want to know if this person has any outstanding tickets or warrants.

4. Personal Employees – Reviewing the background of a person who will be working in your home is a good idea. Perhaps you are hiring a nanny or house keeper. You will want to make sure that these individuals do not have records or theft, violence, or sexual assault.

As you can see, there are many reasons to research an individual’s criminal history. Whether it be for your own well being, or to help make important decisions, Accurate Credit Bureau is there to help you with all of your background screening needs. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 512 285 6078 for any questions or further information. You may click here to begin performing criminal background checks today. Mention this blog post and receive a special 10% discount through the month of April! Thanks for reading.



Barret McCormick

Director of Operations

Accurate Credit Bureau