DIY – Siding

I remember buying my first house with my wife.  We went through hundreds of listings and most of the time we would not even look at a house unless the outside was appealing.  The same thing is happening with your prospective tenants.  If the outside is not appealing they will more than likely not even stop to look at your rental.

That’s why replacing your outside siding can be a great idea.  One, it will increase your home value by at least 90 percent (according to a study done by the DIY network).  And two, it will allow you to charge more for your rental basically paying for itself.  This may seem daunting to your everyday DIY landlord, but in reality is an easy project provided you have the right tools for the job.  Vinyl siding is what you will want to use as it is much cheaper than other siding running between two and six dollars per square foot.  An average home is between thirteen hundred and twenty five hundred square feet to work with.  Doing it your self will run you between twenty six hundred and five thousand dollars.  If you paid for someone, that cost would be between seventy eight hundred and fifteen thousand dollars.  The biggest draw to vinyl is it’s easy upkeep.  A simple rinse is all you need.  No laborious painting upkeep needed.

Another siding option would be aluminum siding which for the same square footage listed above would cost you between three thousand and eight thousand dollars.  Wood and fiber cement would be your last real choice.  If you decided on wood and fiber cement, you’re looking to spend between six thousand and eight thousand dollars.  The maintenance involved in wood siding is very high.

As you can see Vinyl siding is the most logical choice.  It is easy to install and easy to upkeep.  The value you get from installing siding is not measurable as the better looking house will always get the tenants you want.


Brandon C Varn


Accurate Credit Bureau

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