A Landlord’s Most Important Resource – The Handyman

Being a landlord can quickly become quite a daunting endeavor. There are many more aspects of being a landlord than simply showing up to collect a rent check. Accruing the right list of resources can help to make the job much simpler, run more smoothly, and save you time. The first, and perhaps most important resource a landlord can have is a reliable handyman.

Things are going to break either by natural causes, or clumsy accidents. Having the right handy man or handyman service to quickly address and fix the problem should be a top priority among landlords. The happier your tenants are, the happier you will be. When looking for a handyman or handyman service, versatility is the main attribute you will want to search for. You will want someone who can fix everything from the air conditioning, to the dishwasher, to the door hinges, or holes in the wall. Many of these types of handymen are independent contractors and work locally, thus providing the opportunity to really cultivate a good rapport. Their skill set will be more versatile, more cost effective, and generally a much higher quality work will be performed.  Maintaining a good relationship with your handyman is vital because they will be more reliable, and able to help if you find yourself in a jam. Larger companies can be more difficult to work with for a variety of reasons. Scheduling is often a slow and arduous process. Estimates will have to be preformed, then work dates scheduled, parts ordered, and not to mention dealing with overworked and underpaid employees.  You may deal with the same person only once and therefore losing out on a very beneficial relationship. Handymen who run their own businesses or independently contract are often more pleasant to deal with on almost every end of the spectrum. This is because any negative reviews can quickly put them out of business. Therefore they often work harder and more efficiently in order to foster good customer relations. Speaking of reviews, angieslist.com is a great resource to compare and review most types of contracting work. Google reviews and yelp.com are also ample resources.

Finding the right handyman or handyman service is the first thing any new landlord should do. This advice should also apply to those who have been in the business for any number of years. One thing you can be sure of is that things will need to be fixed, and having them fixed promptly and correctly will only help to make your business run smoother, while maintaining great relations with your tenants. Thanks for reading.



Barret McCormick

Director of Operations

Accurate Credit Bureau


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