On-Site Inspection

What is an On-Site Inspection and Why Should I Use a Service?


As a small landlord, using the right tenant screening service can be the difference between having a quality tenant and a not so responsible tenant. Unfortunately, the Federal Trade Commission has made it difficult for small landlords to obtain the credit and background information needed to determine whether or not a prospective tenant is a quality one. In order to comply with consumer privacy laws and guidelines, landlords must conduct on-site inspections before they can access consumer credit reports.


Benefits of Using an On-Site Inspection Service

Small landlords do not have the time or the funds to deal with typical registration processes. By using an on-site inspection service, small landlords can skip the hassles associated with registration since the private service will act as a screening agent for credit reporting agencies.


A private service will assess the credit worthiness of the potential tenant for the small landlord by looking at:


  • Current FICO scores
  • Payment history
  • Past rental history
  • Income
  • Current credit reports


From there, the private service will inform the small landlord of their decision on credit worthiness, but without disclosing the consumer’s actual credit report. Therefore, the small landlord can skip the hurdles associated with conducting a credit check on their own.


On-site inspections are time-consuming for small landlords, especially those with multiple properties to manage. Since small landlords typically have outside jobs or family to consider, having the inspections completely taken care of on their behalf can save them valuable money and time and unnecessary stress.

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