Does Your Prospective Nanny Need a Background Check? Reasons to Run Background Checks on Prospective Caregivers

Making the decision to hire someone to watch over your children is hard enough, but when it comes to selecting the right individual, there is a lot you will have to consider. Not only do you have to go over their past references and qualifications, but you will need to do your due diligence and run a background check. Even though there is an added cost for running a background check, you can have a little peace of mind in knowing that the person you hire to watch over your children will be a valuable and trustworthy asset to your family – and that is reason enough to run one.


Abuse Records

The most important reason to run a background check is to uncover any past instances or reports of abuse made by the caregiver. A simple background check will instantly let you know if the prospective nanny has any complaints or records of child abuse under their name and the result of those cases.


Sex Offenders

Background checks can also uncover any criminal records for child or adult sex offenders. Remember that the nanny you hire will be working closely with your children and often without your supervision; therefore you want to know of any past sex offense history before hiring.


Identify Theft

Even if you receive a driver’s license and social security number from a prospective nanny, there is still the potential that the person you are hiring is not who they say they are. By running a background check you can verify employment history, financials, social security numbers and driver’s license information to ensure the individual you are dealing with is not an identity thief.


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