Helpful Resources for Full and Part-Time Landlords

As a landlord you have a lot to manage. Not only do you have to ensure your properties meet federal and state rental regulations, but you have to ensure that your tenants are satisfied and treated fairly. With all of this responsibility comes a level of uncertainty, especially if you do not manage your own properties full-time. Therefore, regardless of your skill level, take advantage of a few of these common and often free resources available to landlords throughout the United States.


Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has been recognized as one of the leading financial information resources in the country and believe it or not, they have a multitude of information just for landlords. From financial guidance to legal issues, the Wall Street Journal will have answers to your common questions.


State Housing Boards

Every state has a housing or rental board. You can contact them for information regarding your state’s specific laws regarding rental properties and your responsibilities as a landlord. These agencies will also offer guidance and information for landlords who need to evict a tenant or who need help settling a tenant dispute.


Legal Websites

There are dozens of reputable legal websites that help landlords answer their most pressing questions. Sites such as or offer advice and even a question/answer forum where landlords can post real questions and get answers from real attorneys in their area. These legal websites will provide landlords with free forms and templates as well so that they can manage and organize their properties effectively.

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