Landlord Income Generating Idea’s

Sometimes during the year we all find ourselves in need of more money. It can be anything your kid needs such as braces, your car just died, or you need a vacation.  One of the best ways to do that as a landlord is to figure out a way to have that property generate you extra income.  From renting your parking space to renting lot space you have many options that only a Landlord can take advantage of.

The List

  1. Convert an unused space into back office space and rent it out. A lot of small business people would be very interested in this kind of space.  You would want to make sure none of your tenants have access and it has a separate entrance from the outside.
  2. If you have a large enough parking lot you could rent parking spots to companies that offer car sharing services such as Zipcar and Avis. You could also rent parking space to none tenants as well.
  3. Try to rent a space for a billboard or even better a long-range antenna if you can lease to a Wi-Fi company.
  4. Create a Wi-Fi hotspot where neighbors can rent internet from you. They would have to start by going to your website then logging in.  It’s the best way to track and make sure no one else is using your internet. It is recommended that you look into any applicable laws your local municipalities might have in place.
  5. Build a wind, thermal, solar panel system and sell the power generated to the power company.
  6. Sell add space on a property. You can do this by putting a bench up with advertisements to wrapping a garage in ads.
  7. Any other way you can think to monopolize your space through rents.
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