Accurate Criminal Record Reports

Simply, a criminal record―or rap sheet― is a record of a person’s criminal history, such as the crimes a person has committed. Often, a criminal record is a compilation of local, state, and federal criminal information on a person.

Criminal records can include every detail of a person’s criminal past including everything from misdemeanors and felonies to pending charges and even acquitted charges. Often this depends on geographic location and the agency responsible for the record.

Generally, criminal records don’t include expunged convictions.

Using Criminal Records

From the DMV to the United States military, various agencies and organizations request criminal records for many reasons.

Common uses for criminal records include:

School admittance.
Military service.
Security clearance.
Buying a firearm.
Fostering or adopting children.
Visa, international travel, immigration purposes, or naturalization purposes.
Law enforcement purposes, such as compiling possible suspects for a criminal investigation
Voter Registration (Not every state allows residents with felonies to vote.)

Of course, you might want a copy of your criminal record for your own purposes. You can get yours at Landlords and Employers are also eligible to obtain your criminal record reports with their applicants consent

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