Accurate Credit Bureau How to Evict Grown Children From a Parent’s Home

Many people allow family members to move in and live with them because of tough economic times or a sense of duty. Unfortunately, cohabitating with relatives doesn’t always work out. If you ask your family member to leave and he refuses, your only other option may be to legally evict him. Evicting a family member from your home is a tricky task that should be carefully contemplated and executed by following all of your local laws.


Download, print or pick up the correct form to serve your relative with a legal eviction notice. The correct form will depend on your legal reason for the eviction. For example, if nonpayment of rent is the reason for the eviction, serve a “Notice to Pay or Quit.” This gives your family member an exact date and amount that rent has to be paid, or he must vacate the premises. If there isn’t a lease or it’s expired, a written notice to “Vacate the Premises” is all that’s needed.

Fill out the form using clear, precise, professional language. Leave personal issues and annoyances off of your legal paperwork.

Serve your relative with the legal notice required in your county. Ask him to sign and date the notice, then give him a copy. If he doesn’t comply with the reason, such as paying rent that’s owed or altering legally unacceptable behavior, he must leave by the deadline given. If he doesn’t leave by the deadline, you can have him physically removed by law enforcement. Most counties require a 30-, 60- or 90-day notice.

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