Accurate Credit Bureau Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is much more important than the lease. Sure, you sould look at all the normal things like work history, residence history and where the tenant currently lived, but I even checked out things like the car they drove, and previous landlords and employers (not just the current ones). But the number one “must do” is a credit, eviction, and criminal background report. These can be done for as little as $39.95 at Accurate Credit Bureau.

As for credit, look over this carefully as well but this could vary depending on location of your rental and could sometimes be overcome through an additional amount in their security deposit. When screening a Section 8 candidate do the same checks you always do but also look at things like length of time in the program, because the longer someone is in the program the better the odds are that they’ll stay in your property and abide by section 8 rules and guidelines. Also, when dealing with section 8 tenants, consider their children’s ages because if they have children about to come off the program their voucher (dollar value) could be downgraded to a smaller size unit with fewer bedrooms.

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