Accurate Credit Bureau Landlord Rental Tips

First of all, your property must be clean. I didn’t think this needed to be said, but after hearing prospective tenants ooh and ahh over how clean my properties were, I realized that just having a clean property gave me an edge of at least half of my competition.

I keep my wall colors neutral but not stark white. Stark white walls are too cold and institutional. I have found a neutral off-white or light beige is enough color to make people see the property more as a home than a rental unit.

When you are showing a property, open the shades and turn on the lights. The majority of people like places that are light and airy. The people who want to live in dark, windowless places are probably not your best tenant candidates.

Vacancies will kill your cash flow. Keep your rental prices twenty-five or fifty dollars lower than your competition. You want to rent your property fast. It can take you up to a year to make up for the money lost with just one month of vacancy.

For tenant screening rental applications and rental leases see Accurate Credit Bureau

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