Landlords Preparing Your Property for Lease Accurate Credit Bureau

Provide your property in the state of cleanliness and repair that you expect the tenants to maintain. Your valuable asset requires an ongoing commitment by you. To maintain the competitive position of your property in the market, we recommend:

> Gardening – if there is substantial lawn area the owner may consider either contributing to the water consumption costs to ensure lesses water the garden, alternatively they may supply a gardener to mow and edge the lawns on an ‘as needed basis’. Depending on the property, a gardener may be a good idea. This will mean an extra person is reguarly keeping an eye on the property for any problems that may arise, the garden will be maintained and will not incur the costs associated with long term neglect. The cost of the gardener is tax deductable.

> Gutters – the gutters should be cleared prior to letting the property and then once or twice a year

> Pruning – trees and shrubs should be pruned at least once a year, particularly prior to winter if there are any large trees close to the property

> Maintenance – where possible a percentage of the rental income should be set aside to cover anticipated future maintenance requests, eg. painting

> Appliances – instructions on the use of appliances and any valid warranty details should be supplied to the agent and communicated to the tenant to ensure correct usage

>Tenant rental applications, tenant rental leases and other landlord forms can be found at Accurate Credit Bureau.

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