Tenant Screening help for Landlords – Accurate Credit Bureau

Always charge a non-refundable application fee. Applicants will then understand that you will screen them for a credit report, criminal records, evictions, employment and rental information. Charging a fee will often discourage tenants that will not meet your criteria (criminal records or rental issues) and help you recoup the cost of using a professional screening company.

Potentially bad tenants are savvy. They seek out individual, smaller landlords and assume that they will not carefully check them out. Prove them wrong!

Ask for a proper form of photo ID. Many applicants give out bogus social security numbers. At Private Landlord Helper, we can check to see if the SSN and your applicant’s name is a match.

Get a completed, signed rental application. It must state that the applicant understands that a complete background will be conducted. Go over the application with your prospective renter. Makes sure it is legible and all questions have been answered.

Your decision to rent should be based on a consideration of all variables, to include criminal history, eviction records, past rental history and proof of employment.

Be consistent in your screening and stay in compliance with the Fair Housing Act.

Never approve an applicant on the spot; be wary of applicants who want to move in immediately.

The most effective way to predict what a person will do in the future is to know what they have done in the past.

For more information on tenant screening see Accurate Credit Bureau.

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