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Tenant’s Violation of Town / Village Code

Noise violations, occupancy limits and parking issues can cause a landlord to find himself in Court facing a citation but through no fault of his own. All it takes is an annoyed neighbor’s complaint and the Code Enforcement will be knocking on the door to the landlord’s rental property. Moreover, a tenant has legal authority to invite Code Enforcement officials into the dwelling where they can find more structural violations of the Code at the property. Not only will this result in a waste of the landlord’s time and money (i.e. fines), but the landlord lacks the requisite control to remedy the situation, which is often required by the prosecuting attorneys in order to make a plea bargain. So, a landlord will be left with the only option of pursuing an eviction proceeding against the tenant. Hopefully the landlord had a rental lease that provided that compliance with local laws was a substantial aspect of the tenancy. Better yet, savvy landlords will include a liquidated damages provision in their lease (i.e. predetermined monetary damages agreement) to adequately compensate the landlords for their time and costs in appearing in Court, including attorneys’ fees, fines and the like. For more Landlord information and tenant screening see Accurate Credit Bureau.

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