Tenant Screening – Free Rental Agreements and Landlord Leases – Accurate Credit Bureau

To attract tenants, landlords may have to spend up to $1,000 on paint, carpet and improve landscaping. Otherwise, it might be difficult to find a reliable tenant.
Homeowners who can’t sell and decide instead to rent their home should plan to spruce up the place — just as they would before a sale.
The same upkeep problems that could be holding a house back on the ‘for sale’ market could also be holding it back from the rental market. The difference is, houses can be sold ‘as is,’ but a renter may not be willing to rent ‘as is.’
When a tenant does move in, the landlord may be contractually obligated to fix new maintenance issues, such as a leaky toilet. Once the tenant moves out, the landlord will need to spend more money to clean up the home for the next resident.
Landlords should be prepared to pay these expenses out of pocket. Owners can require a security deposit to help cover certain cleanup costs, but it won’t pay for everything if the tenant stops paying rent early or badly trashes the house.
For more landlord help, tenant screening, free rental applications, agreements and rental leases see Accurate Credit Bureau.

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