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“I owned a house and rented a room to a guy. This guy meet a girl on World of Warcraft and flew her out to stay at the house for a few weeks. No problem, I thought. A couple weeks never hurt anybody. But when a couple weeks turned into a couple months I was pissed off. She would sit downstairs and watch my television, while sitting on my recliner.
I finally had a conversation with the guy. I had no problem with her staying, but she needed to pay rent. He said something to the effect that she was still on vacation, why would he pay extra rent? And I said, “Bro, vacation ended when she started to DVR her shows.”
He agreed to start paying rent, but they moved out a few months later.”
Landlord Client
Always put all occupants that can stay on the rental lease. For free rental leases, rental agreements and rental applications see Accurate Credit Bureau.

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