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Landlord Due Diligence – Criminal Record Reports – Credit Reports – Tenant Background Checks – Accurate Credit Bureau

A landlord has a general duty to exercise reasonable care to protect the safety and welfare of his tenants from foreseeable harm. Due care must be exercised in the use, maintenance, and management of rental premises. While a landlord may not be able to eliminate all risk from his business, he can certainly take measures to reduce his exposure to unnecessary risk.

A landlord does not want a tenant using the rental unit as a base for criminal activity, posing a direct threat to the safety of others, and willfully damaging rental property or the property of others. Screening rental applicants for history of criminal conduct and rejecting those applicants with a history of violent crime or property damage may help protect persons and property against possible harm. There may even be an implied duty of care to ensure that tenants and property are protected from foreseeable harm. Landlords of multi-family housing units have a legal duty to warn and protect tenants about known dangers that would pose a current, direct threat to safety.

Many landlords consider their application process including the rental application form itself, the applicant interview, and strong rental policies that are consistently enforced will be sufficient to help identify high risk individuals whose behaviors would pose a potential threat to persons and property. Interviewing previous landlords and personal references; searching public records for court ordered evictions, bankruptcy, liens, and judgments; and contacting current employers may also provide clues to potential risks. A credit report, while containing a wealth of personal and financial information, does not provide information on criminal records. If the landlord feels the need for additional screening, he may consider a criminal history search as part of his due diligence. To do background screening on a potential applicant see Accurate Credit Bureau.

Criminal Record Reports – Background Checks – Accurate Credit Bureau

This confidential criminal background check searches public records for criminal offenses such as felonies, misdemeanors, and DUIs. Your Criminal Records Report includes, when available, offense type and date, court name, case number, outcome of the charges, and more. Curious about someone’s criminal record? People search and find out with this instant report from Accurate Credit Bureau.

Landlord Tips for the Eviction Notice – Tenant Checks – Accurate Credit Bureau

It should include a deadline (date) to “pay-rent or move out”.
It should include the amount owed (including all fees)
You are typically required to post this notice within X number of days before filing the eviction paperwork with your local court.
This document should be taped to their front door, as well as sent via Certified Mail / Return Receipt Requested with the United States Postal Service (USPS)
For eviction reports and tenant screening for landlords see Accurate Credit Bureau.

Rock Out Friday – Accurate Credit Bureau – Landlord – The Police

Background checks Tenant Credit Reports see Accurate Credit Bureau.

Dear Landlord – Janis Joplin – Accurate Credit Bureau – Free Rental Applications – Landlord Tenant Leases – Property Rental Agreements

For free rental applications, landlord tenant leases, and property rental agreements see Accurate Credit Bureau.

Landlord Blues Vance Adams – Accurate Credit Bureau – Tenant Screening – Tenant Credit Checks – Criminal Record Reports

For tenant screening, tenant credit reports, criminal record reports and background checks see Accurate Credit Bureau.

Landlord Services – Flood Insurance – Accurate Credit Bureau

Water and/or Flood Insurance is typically an extra policy which is added to your base policy.

It covers water damage to the building or anything inside is the property. Most basic dwelling policies will cover broken pipes or water heaters, but the extra flood policy is needed in order to cover floods, rains, sewer backups, water issues from natural disasters, etc.

Prices and rates are regulated by the U.S. Government’s National Flood Insurance Program, therefore the cost will be the same no matter who the insurer is.

It’s also a great policy to have if your tenant decides to put a hot tub in the living room.

For tenant screening services see Accurate Credit Bureau.