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Tenant Screening Services – Accurate Credit Bureau

Perhaps the biggest mistake landlords make is letting in the wrong person. This can lead to late rent, trashed homes, and costly evictions.

What would a bank say if you walked in, completely unqualified with no income and a 450 credit score, and asked for a large loan? A bank doesn’t run on emotion, and you shouldn’t either. So screen your tenants like your business depends on it — because it does.

When screening for tenants, we typically require:

  • They must make 3x the monthly rent in stable income and have a good credit report
  • No recent evictions
  • No recent felonies
  • Good previous landlord references

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Landlord difference between last months rent and security deposit…

You’re a landlord who is about to take your first tenant. You want the tenant to pay first month’s rent and a deposit to cover damage and any unpaid rent should the tenant abruptly leave before the lease expires. Instead of calling that deposit “last month’s rent”, which would force you to pay for any cleaning or repairs at the end of the lease, you should simply call it a security deposit. By doing so, you give yourself flexibility on how to spend the money should the need arise. We recommend that you make the security deposit at least one and a half times the rent so the tenant is not tempted to use the security deposit as last months rent.

Tenant Screening with Facebook and Google

“In addition to the normal tenant screening with Accurate Credit Bureau, I have been able to eliminate a number of potential tenant problems by searching tenant applicants on Facebook and Google. A few minutes of searching Facebook and Google can pay off big-time. I am flabberghasted at what information, pictures and behavior some people post for the world to see! I’ve even seen pictures of people wrecking their landlord’s house! I’ve also seen pages of the nicest people. I’m glad we have another source to check!”

Gary G. Landlord Ohio

Landlords – tenant background check

It’s important for you as a landlord to know who you are renting to before you rent out your property. Ordering a potential tenant’s background check can reveal problems and reduce the risk of having to remove (evict) a tenant or make costly repairs after they have gone. With a prospective tenant’s background information at hand, you’re able to make informed decisions to allow this person to rent your property. For more landlord tenant information see Accurate Credit Bureau.

Accurate Credit Bureau

Do I have to do a certain number of background checks?
Absolutely not, use our service when you need to use it.

How much does it cost?

Credit check and analysis includes Judgments, Liens, Bankruptcies, and Foreclosures.

Credit check and Background Bureau which includes Last 15 years of Public Records including Property, Landlord Information, and Evictions. Returned to you by fax or email within minutes (Recommended)

Credit check and Comprehensive Background Bureau which includes an Online Criminal Record check, Last 15 years of Public Records including Property, Landlord Information, and Evictions.

Landlord Comprehensive plus additional Comprehensive Criminal Records which includes FBI most wanted, Terrorist, and Sexual offender database check, Evictions.

Sample 30 day notice tenants give to landlords…

Tenants may not use their security deposit for last months rent. A lot of them try to do just that. (That’s why we always advise landlords to collect at least 1 1/2 times the rent for a security deposit). Below is a sample 30 day notice that you can include in your lease so you make it perfectly clear and easy for a tenant to give you proper and legal notice…

I am hereby providing you with my required 30 day written notice of my intent to vacate the premises at which I reside, otherwise known as 1234 Smith St. (or whatever your address is) My keys will be turned over to you at that time.

For any refunds due to me from my deposit, my forwarding address will be:
8888 Main Street,

It has been my pleasure to be your tenant.

Best Regards,

(your signature here)

<your typed name here>

For more landlord services see Accurate Credit Bureau

Landlords Screening A Potential Tenant

  1. Request an Application. Start by having every prospective tenant complete an application. …you can get a professional free rental application here
  2. Run a Credit Check. …
  3. Run a Background Check. …
  4. Contact the Previous Landlords. …
  5. Contact the Tenant’s Employer. …
  6. Interview the Tenant.

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