Sample 30 day notice tenants give to landlords…

Tenants may not use their security deposit for last months rent. A lot of them try to do just that. (That’s why we always advise landlords to collect at least 1 1/2 times the rent for a security deposit). Below is a sample 30 day notice that you can include in your lease so you make it perfectly clear and easy for a tenant to give you proper and legal notice…

I am hereby providing you with my required 30 day written notice of my intent to vacate the premises at which I reside, otherwise known as 1234 Smith St. (or whatever your address is) My keys will be turned over to you at that time.

For any refunds due to me from my deposit, my forwarding address will be:
8888 Main Street,

It has been my pleasure to be your tenant.

Best Regards,

(your signature here)

<your typed name here>

For more landlord services see Accurate Credit Bureau

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