Landlords – Good Tenant Atributes

  • A steady work history
  • A salary that’s two to three times more than what you charge for rent
  • A decent credit score (more on this below)*
  • Past landlords you can contact (ideally not just the current landlord who might say anything to get rid of a bad tenant)
  • A good reason for leaving the last residence (being evicted would not be a good reason; wanting more room would)
  • No more occupants than what is legal for your area
  • Personal references (the employer and a former landlord is what you’re looking for, not the best friend from middle school)

*Regarding a decent credit score: that’s up to you. Here’s a general breakdown:

  • 781 to 850: excellent credit, very low risk
  • 661 to 780: good credit, low risk
  • 601 to 660: average credit, some risk involved
  • 501 to 600: poor credit, risky
  • 300 to 500: bad credit, high risk
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