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Accurate Credit Bureau Feedback

Thank you so much for getting these back so quickly.
Have a great afternoon,
Sydney M.
Accurate Credit Bureau

Accurate Credit Bureau Landlord Feedback

“You guys are very efficient. Thanks for the speedy response yesterday.
I have a new applicant to run a credit check on. Attached please find all
the necessary information.
Please advise if anything else is needed.
Rudolph J.

Accurate Credit Bureau Feedback

Jeff, many thanks for processing this for me in record time.  It was most helpful, AND the apartment was rented!
For tenant screening and landlord services see Accurate Credit Bureau.
Important Decisions Demand Accurate Information!

Landlords Collect Applications and Screen Tenants

The best way to deal with bad tenants is to make sure they never move in! Try to accept the most-qualified applicant who is also the best fit for your property, but be careful not to discriminate.

  • Collect information via professional rental applications
  • Ensure total income of all tenants is 2-3x monthly rent
  • Ask their two former landlords, “Would you rent to them again?”
  • Run a tenant credit check to determine total debt and late payment history

    For more tenant screening advice and help see Accurate Credit Bureau


Background Checks of Tenants – Accurate Credit Bureau

Protect your investment by conducting a background and credit check of prospective tenants. Tenants with a history of not paying their rent, that have been evicted in the past, or have a criminal record are more likely to cause problems. Landlords have the right to review credit reports and conduct background checks when screening prospective tenants, nevertheless the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires landlords to follow proper procedure when doing so. Accurate Credit Bureau will tell you if applicants pay their rent on time, have damaged previous rental properties, have criminal records, and how they were rated by previous landlords and keep you FCRA compliant.

Accurate Credit Bureau Tenant Screening Landlord Services

Accurate Credit Bureau strives to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and affordable tenant screening tools available. For more than 15 years, customers have relied on Accurate Credit Bureau to help minimize their daily tasks while providing them with affordable tenant screening services and unmatched customer service.

We continually are researching cutting-edge screening products which assist us in developing new ways to help pre-screen and eliminate bad tenants before they are housed. With Accurate Credit Bureau comprehensive web-based screening tools, you will have at your fingertips the ability to:

Do a Background Check including Criminal Record Reports

Gather Accurate Eviction Searches

Research Tenant Credit

Verify their Identity

For more information on a professional tenant check visit Accurate Credit Bureau