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Landlords – Don’t be that GUY!
Accurate Credit Bureau

Accurate Credit Bureau Landlord Feedback

“You guys are very efficient. Thanks for the speedy response yesterday.
I have a new applicant to run a credit check on. Attached please find all
the necessary information.
Please advise if anything else is needed.
Rudolph J.

Accurate Credit Bureau Landlord Services

Landlords can check background, credit, criminal and eviction history at Accurate Credit. We recommend the Landlord Preferred or Landlord Comprehensive package.

Accurate Credit Bureau Feedback

“Thank you always for your fast service”
Akada H.
Accurate Credit Bureau returns reports within the half hour…

Accurate Credit Bureau Feedback

Thank you for your prompt service…

Wow you guys are fast…

Cool Beans!

For tenant screening see Accurate Credit Bureau

Accurate Credit Bureau Feedback

Jeff, many thanks for processing this for me in record time.  It was most helpful, AND the apartment was rented!
For tenant screening and landlord services see Accurate Credit Bureau.
Important Decisions Demand Accurate Information!

Important Decisions Demand Accurate Information

Accurate Credit Bureau does tenant screening and background checks for landlords, real estate brokers and agents, and property managers. For more info visit

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